March Scripture Writing – “Child, I promise you”

March 2020 Scripture Writing List – Child, I promise you…

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Alrighty, my birthday month is upon us!  I have many gifts to give away this month!  Our usual monthly drawing, plus a few others throughout the month!  Be watching the facebook page, for giveaways!

This months scripture writing list is centered around the wonderful gifts of the firm promises that we have in God’s word.  His promises arent like ours.  He cant lie!  If God says it, He means it!  Sometimes we hear friends and well meaning loved ones promise us things like…”I have your back”, I’ll never lie to you”, “I’ll always be there”, or “you can count on me”.  We really want to believe them, and know that they mean well, but there is always this little feeling in the back of our minds that they may go back on those promises.  God is not that way.  When He says “I love you” it means He loves you forever and will never change His mind.  When He says “trust Me”, you can trust Him with everything you have.  When He says, “I forgive you”, it means that He totally forgives you and will never bring it up again.  God loves you, you can trust Him, and He will forgive you (no matter how unforgiveable you may think your sins are).  Child, I promise you…

Glamping is the way to go!

With the beautiful weather we have been having, I’ve been thinking alot about camping.  I would gladly camp in a tent (although it would be a first to me) but I would really like to camp in style.  I have been searching through craigslist for a great deal on an old camper so I could glamourize it.


Do you know how much fun I would have in that camper?

Glamping | GLAMPING GIRL VINTAGE TRAILERS ;-) / Pretty polka dots :)

The decor on the inside is so homey.  I would have a grand time decorating…

more camper love

Idea for next Airstream redo? -


I’ve been talking to the hubs about finding one of these and going camping.  He has left no doubt in my mind that he absolutely would not ever camp with me in anything like this!  If I got an Airstream and just glammed up the interior, he would.  In the meantime, I’m on the look out!  I have many more glamping ideas on my pinterest board

Doesn’t glamour camping sound like so much fun??

Welcome to Christie’s Heart

Come on in!!

Welcome to my blog!


I should have titled my blog “Scrambled Eggs & Brownies”.    When I got married, that was the only two things I could cook.  I remember one day, as a very newly married woman, I was attempting fried pork chops for supper.  As I was at the stove cooking, my Father-in-law called.

I was having a little trouble at the stove and I heard my husband loudly exclaim, “She’s burning the pork chops!”  He didn’t care that I was burning the pork chops.  I was mortified that not only did my husband know, but now my in-laws did, too!  I burned many things (getting side tracked is still my specialty) but eventually I learned.

I have learned many of the arts of homemaking over the years.  I can now successfully cook fried pork chops, as well as yummy gravy and homemade bread to go with them (with homemade Italian cream cake for dessert!).   I have learned to cook, can food, sew, crochet, quilt, paint furniture, cross-stitch, decorate on a budget, organize my home,  as well as many other home crafts.  I love making my house a home but I didn’t come by that naturally.  It is my desire to help other women know that they can do it, too!  (Truly, if you knew me, you would believe that if I can, ANYONE can.)

I am certainly not setting myself up as an expert.  I am not a super mom, or amazing wife with a perfectly cooked meal on the table every day in my perfectly clean home.  I am a normal (depending on who you ask…but we won’t go there) woman.  I occasionally leave dirty dishes in the sink when I go to bed, I don’t sweep my floor as often as I should,  and just this week my hubby had to get his clean socks out of the dryer instead of in his drawer where they were supposed to be!  I love the Lord, my family, and my home and I try to do my best by all of them!

I hope this blog will be a place of teaching the Art of Home.  If you have any questions, I will be happy to help!