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Welcome to my blog!


I should have titled my blog “Scrambled Eggs & Brownies”.    When I got married, that was the only two things I could cook.  I remember one day, as a very newly married woman, I was attempting fried pork chops for supper.  As I was at the stove cooking, my Father-in-law called.

I was having a little trouble at the stove and I heard my husband loudly exclaim, “She’s burning the pork chops!”  He didn’t care that I was burning the pork chops.  I was mortified that not only did my husband know, but now my in-laws did, too!  I burned many things (getting side tracked is still my specialty) but eventually I learned.

I have learned many of the arts of homemaking over the years.  I can now successfully cook fried pork chops, as well as yummy gravy and homemade bread to go with them (with homemade Italian cream cake for dessert!).   I have learned to cook, can food, sew, crochet, quilt, paint furniture, cross-stitch, decorate on a budget, organize my home,  as well as many other home crafts.  I love making my house a home but I didn’t come by that naturally.  It is my desire to help other women know that they can do it, too!  (Truly, if you knew me, you would believe that if I can, ANYONE can.)

I am certainly not setting myself up as an expert.  I am not a super mom, or amazing wife with a perfectly cooked meal on the table every day in my perfectly clean home.  I am a normal (depending on who you ask…but we won’t go there) woman.  I occasionally leave dirty dishes in the sink when I go to bed, I don’t sweep my floor as often as I should,  and just this week my hubby had to get his clean socks out of the dryer instead of in his drawer where they were supposed to be!  I love the Lord, my family, and my home and I try to do my best by all of them!

I hope this blog will be a place of teaching the Art of Home.  If you have any questions, I will be happy to help!




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