Glamping is the way to go!

With the beautiful weather we have been having, I’ve been thinking alot about camping.  I would gladly camp in a tent (although it would be a first to me) but I would really like to camp in style.  I have been searching through craigslist for a great deal on an old camper so I could glamourize it.


Do you know how much fun I would have in that camper?

Glamping | GLAMPING GIRL VINTAGE TRAILERS ;-) / Pretty polka dots :)

The decor on the inside is so homey.  I would have a grand time decorating…

more camper love

Idea for next Airstream redo? -


I’ve been talking to the hubs about finding one of these and going camping.  He has left no doubt in my mind that he absolutely would not ever camp with me in anything like this!  If I got an Airstream and just glammed up the interior, he would.  In the meantime, I’m on the look out!  I have many more glamping ideas on my pinterest board

Doesn’t glamour camping sound like so much fun??